Company Update

Liberty Directors Become Newest Board Members of the FMHAC

We’re proud to share that two of our directors have recently been named board members of the Forensic Mental Health Association of California (FMHAC).

July 16, 2019

Kevin Rice

Director of Operations, Jail-Based Mental Health

Kevin Rice has more than 25 years of behavioral health experience, including leadership roles on several of Liberty’s forensic mental health programs. Since joining the company in 2010 Kevin has directed several felony restoration of competency programs and helped deliver comprehensive correctional mental health services on behalf of county clients. As Director of Operations, he develops, maintains, and manages Liberty’s operational teams; confirms that the company delivers quality services that meet all contractual, legal, and regulatory requirements; and builds collaborative working relationships with Liberty clients and other program stakeholders.

Ramsey Khouri

Program Director, Jail-Based Competency Treatment

Ramsey Khouri has more than 13 years of behavioral health experience with a focus on correctional mental health. As Program Director, Ramsey provides daily management and oversight of one of Liberty’s jail mental health services programs. In this role, he carries out development and implementation of the program policies and procedures; analyzes, and evaluates work flow processes to incorporate best practices and improve quality and efficiency; and reviews, analyzes, and interprets data for the purpose of reporting. He also serves as the primary liaison between a county sheriff’s department and other agencies and pertinent organizations.

Kevin Rice, LCSW, CCHP-MH was named President-Elect. In 2014, Kevin served as Board Treasurer for FMHAC.

Ramsey Khouri, Psy.D. was named Treasurer.

Congratulations to Kevin and Ramsey for becoming the newest board members of the Forensic Mental Health Association of California! We know your strong leadership skills will shine through in your new roles.