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Partner with Liberty, where every day we strive to meet the complex needs of individuals living with IDD through evidence-based practice models, applying innovative approaches to improve service delivery and outcomes, and planning for new and future directions in healthcare.

Our Impact


Contributed data about the needs of individuals and caregivers on the waiting list that helped inform one state’s legislature in their decision to appropriate $32.5 million to address the waiting list.


Recommended statewide training for over 3,000 providers, participants, and stakeholders in Charting the LifeCourse concepts — that enhanced person-centered planning focusing on current life-stage issues and awareness of how prior, current, and future life stages impact life trajectory and quality of life.


Achieved 100% post assessment beneficiary customer service satisfaction score.

Our Solutions in Practice

Maryland Quality Program

Maryland Department of Disabilities Administration partnered with Liberty to support them in achieving CQL Network Accreditation by developing continuous quality improvement processes that lead to improved quality and effectiveness of services. The goal of achieving accreditation is to enhance person-centered service delivery and improve life outcomes for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Oklahoma Waitlist Management, Assessment, and Navigation Services

Liberty of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Developmental Disability Services (DDS) implemented a new waitlist management and navigation services program to support individuals waiting for services from DDS through assessments, navigation plans, and assisting applicants with the required paperwork to determine eligibility for waiver services. As a result, Liberty helped the Oklahoma legislature determine and allocate an expanded budget of $32.5 million for IDD services.

Our Expertise

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

We deliver diverse services and supports for adults and children living with IDD. Our experience includes managing ICFs/IDD and intensive behavioral support homes, safely transitioning people from institutional settings to community-based living, and managing statewide quality oversight programs.

Behavioral Health

Our flexible, tailored programs support a full range of integrated care management and service delivery. We specialize in services to individuals who are justice-involved, including the operation of secure forensic psychiatric stabilization and competency restoration programs, treatment within correctional and other secure facilities, specialized residential treatment facilities, jail-based mental health services, inpatient and outpatient sex offense-specific treatment and management services, and community re-entry and transitional programs.

Aging and Disability Support

Our services include medical and behavioral staffing and supports, home-based needs assessments, and programs for adults living with neurodegenerative conditions and traumatic brain injury. Our clinical teams stabilize acute conditions, facilitate the development of self-management skills, and help people maintain stable, productive, and satisfying lives in the community.

About Us

Founded in 1986, Liberty Healthcare Corporation is a leading health and human services management company that designs, implements, and manages a diverse array of healthcare solutions.

Our capabilities range from the provision of critically needed healthcare professionals and specialists, to managing treatment specific programs for specialty populations, to deploying population health solutions that are grounded in person-centered values, data-informed performance, and innovative practice.

Our staff blend clinical best practice with innovative, collaborative approaches to boost quality and performance and enable our customers to realize improved health and financial outcomes.

37 years of service

12+ years as a partner in practice with the Council on Quality Leadership

10+ Charting the LifeCourse Ambassadors

13+ years as CMS-certified QIO-like Entity

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