Our Story

Liberty Healthcare Corporation was founded in Philadelphia within sight of the Liberty Bell, which inspired the company’s name and the company’s mission – to free our customers from some of the most difficult challenges they face in their businesses. The company began as a staffing company specializing in recruitment, staffing, scheduling, and quality monitoring of hospital emergency departments. By the early 1980s, Liberty expanded beyond the private sector into the public sector, including state-owned and operated mental health facilities and residential facilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Since then, Liberty Healthcare has continuously increased its public sector scope by providing an ever-growing diversity of health care programs, personnel, and services to state mental health and developmental disabilities agencies across the country. In the early 1990s, the company further expanded to serve long-term care facilities for the elderly and disabled, as well as manage on-site medical and occupational health clinics for major private-sector corporations.

By the mid-1990s, Liberty was managing and operating complete state-owned facilities and programs. Many of these large-scale contracts entailed the actual design, implementation, and operation of brand new facilities and programs in which Liberty assumed total management of daily operations. Most recently, Liberty has developed large, statewide programs for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) quality oversight, parolee supervision and management, independent personal care services assessments, and multi-location staffing, as well as private sector medical center management outsourcing.

Throughout our history, we have excelled where others stumbled. Embracing the challenges that present significant difficulties for our public and private-sector customers in the behavioral, developmental, medical, correctional, and forensic healthcare fields. We flourish in environments where innovation is rewarded and where our creativity and problem-solving abilities can be unleashed. By continually attracting the top professionals in our fields we empower our customers to achieve the results they desire across programs, facilities, and entire systems.