Psychiatrists & Mental Health Professionals

Whether you need to staff your acute behavioral health service with a few dedicated clinicians or establish a statewide contract to provide dozens of professionals in inpatient, outpatient, forensic and correctional settings, Liberty Healthcare is prepared to deliver the personnel you need. In our clinician-led organization, we maintain a professional environment that attracts and retains psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and more. We continually strive to build a culture of quality practice into every staffing responsibility we have. We work to foster a professional environment that values and rewards top contributors.

We do not provide a “temp” or “locums” solution but instead focus on providing permanent clinicians, who make a long-term commitment to a program and its constituents.

Given the diversity of areas in which we provide behavioral health programs and services — both private and public psychiatric facilities, correctional settings, forensic programs, and more — we understand the importance of aligning the right skills and type of mental health professional with the specific practice environment. Moreover, we emphasize the value of being able to work effectively with other disciplines as part of a team. No matter what the setting, we apply our proven methods and experience to help our customers find the particular expertise they need.