Administrators, Managers & Consultants

When Liberty is contracted to develop, manage, or oversee a program or institution, or even an entire system, our healthcare administrators, managers, and consultants play essential front line roles of responsibility and leadership. Our national professional reach in multiple disciplines enables us to select only those who are proven to exemplify the requisite skills and experience to meet the demanding responsibilities of administering and managing complex operations. We can deploy management personnel within your organizational structure who can manage your personnel or provide a Liberty team to implement a turnkey departmental or functional solution. In both cases, we oversee these key personnel and maintain ongoing support and guidance in order to ensure responsive professionals and client satisfaction.

When you are a Liberty client, our special consultants or subject matter experts can play a critical role in evaluating systems, augmenting in-house staff, and recommending new approaches and improvements. They can help you determine whether to add or redesign program capacities, devise more efficient staffing solutions, explore the advantages of outsourcing, or define a strategic response to meet changing market realities. These kinds of analyses and recommendations are frequently necessary precursory exercises in order for organizations to uncover the best solution to a challenging situation.