Physicians, Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

The diversity of settings for which we provide physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical management is as diverse as our customer base. For example, we have top clinicians providing both primary care and occupational health for a major manufacturer in its on-site clinic. Another team of Liberty Healthcare internists and family physicians provide the clinical backbone of a statewide service system of nursing homes and long-term care settings for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our nurse practitioners not only provide support to our physicians, but have taken the lead in primary care settings and provide on-call support during off hours at major institutions, both saving dollars and scarce medical resources. Given current health care trends, including the economics and quality metrics of ACOs, the demand for highly skilled nurse practitioners and physician assistants is increasing. Liberty has significant resources to meet the growing demand for these healthcare providers in hospital, facility, and community settings and practices.

Regardless of the setting, Liberty is prepared to address our customers’ most pressing needs by providing long-term professionals who will bring enduring stability and reliability.