Liberty Staffing Advantage®

The success of every professional operation hinges on the quality of the individuals who staff it…and how well they are managed.

Placing the right person in the right position, finding qualified and highly-specialized professionals for niche positions, and reducing staff turnover through revitalized clinical leadership are among Liberty Healthcare’s core competencies.

Whether we are providing three clinicians to a treatment facility or three hundred personnel to a state government, Liberty emphasizes the quality and retention of our personnel through proactive management.  

Staff Outsourcing – The Liberty Way
Our mission is to attract and retain the most qualified and talented professionals possible through our own exclusive healthcare staffing network to help you fulfill your mission. Our broad experience allows us to accomplish this with speed and professionalism. That starts with effective recruiting. We have a strong team of seasoned full-time recruiters. Employee stability and retention are hallmarks of Liberty – and this holds true for our own recruiters, who have been with us for an average of 10 years. In a field that is defined by relationships and networking, the continuity of our recruiting team, combined with our national footprint, enables us to maintain and deepen our familiarity with health care disciplines, as well as regional issues and specialized settings. Staffing for Psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, PAs, and a variety of other behavioral health professionals is just the beginning of how we optimize the performance of behavioral health hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Our recruiters utilize innovative sourcing strategies, and a proprietary database containing tens of thousands of pre-qualified candidates, to rapidly identify multiple, well-qualified candidates.

But sourcing candidates is only the first step. Our dedicated in-house credentialing specialists complete a primary source verification of each candidate’s education, license, and credentials. We verbally contact and confirm four positive work references and verify all required state clearances. A licensed professional also determines if a candidate has the required competency to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. After placing personnel, we remain actively involved in managing their ongoing performance.