Long-Term Supports & Services

Liberty has extensive experience managing a wide range of long-term supports and services, both facility and community-based. We have often been contracted to manage a “turn around” for ICFs/IID and other facility-based programs in the wake of litigation, multiple sentinel events, and/or regulatory problems, including CMS decertification and USDOJ actions. In many cases, we have been instrumental in accomplishing restoration of CMS certification and/or resolution of USDOJ complaints, while also transforming troubled programs into cost-effective supports that facilitate community transitions and integration.  

In other cases we provide teams of medical directors, physicians, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, and other clinical staff for long-term care facilities, nursing homes, veterans centers, and skilled nursing facilities across the country. 

We Invest In People™ Investing In People Gives The Greatest Return™

While Liberty is often called in to fix immediate short-term problems, we have built decades-long relationships through innovative, responsive, and cost-effective care.

For example, Liberty has provided medical leadership and on-site clinical staffing for all of the state-owned long-term care facilities in the State of Delaware. Our medical staff was instrumental in implementing the first geropsychology department in the state. In Massachusetts, we manage and help staff its sole state-owned skilled nursing facility for individuals with developmental disabilities for two decades. We have also provided statewide quality oversight for 10,000 geriatric and disabled elderly citizens for Indiana’s Division of Aging.