Liberty Healthcare understands the complexity of health care programs and has developed and managed them in a uniquely wide range of settings and industries. We apply years of successful program operation and management — in primary care, behavioral health, residential treatment, hospitals, quality and utilization management, rehabilitation, occupational health, and secure facilities — to implement solutions for your organization. We bring our public and private sector expertise to bear on all of the challenges our customers face in their programs and institutions.

Selecting Liberty Healthcare as your partner can allow you to shift some of your challenges so they become our opportunities. This can alleviate the strain on your resources so you can optimize operations and focus on your priorities. Our programs prove that you can outsource cost-effectively while also improving quality and service outcomes.

We can do this equally well for a hospital seeking to take competitive advantage of new market conditions, or an employer trying to get a handle on complex employee health issues, or a state-administered program struggling to balance court mandated requirements against political and budgetary limits while proving quality and compliance to a public funder.

Our experienced management team and corporate infrastructure can help you envision a successful transformation and then execute a strategy to accomplish it cost-effectively. We bring expertise and a willing attitude to the most challenging situations, effecting change skillfully while minimizing unnecessary disruptions.