Sue Nayda

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

As the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Liberty Healthcare Corporation, Sue Nayda is responsible for leading operations across our diverse product lines, championing innovative solutions, and driving operational excellence to yield successful results and high value for our customers.

Sue has over 25 years of experience managing healthcare and human services. For ten years prior to joining Liberty in 1999, she was an executive with PMR Corporation, a rapidly growing manager of behavioral health services in partnership with hospitals, community mental health centers, and managed behavioral health organizations throughout the nation. From her earliest days as a job placement specialist for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, she has been a proponent of, and has consulted nationally on the transformation from traditional service systems to community-based models, with a particular emphasis on supported employment.

Sue has a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling/administration from Springfield College and a bachelor’s degree in special education from SUNY Geneseo.