Liberty Long-Term Care Solutions®

Liberty Healthcare has extensive experience managing long-term care facilities and units, as well as providing medical directors, many of whom are certified by the American Association of Medical Directors. We also provide physicians, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, and other clinical staff for long-term care facilities, nursing homes, veterans centers, and skilled nursing facilities across the country.

We are familiar with the complex and evolving clinical and regulatory requirements in long-term care. Our quality improvement leadership has been instrumental in helping long-term care systems use root cause analysis and other strategies to address issues and improve outcomes. Our management leadership has often been praised for improving quality, while controlling costs and generating savings. While Liberty is often called in to fix immediate, short-term problems, we are proud of the decades-long relationships we have built through innovative, responsive, and cost-effective care in long-term facilities.

Liberty has provided medical leadership and on-site clinical staffing for all of the state-owned long-term care facilities in the State of Delaware. Our medical staff was instrumental in implementing the first geropsychology department in the state. In Massachusetts, we manage and help staff its sole state-owned skilled nursing facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. We have also provided statewide quality oversight for 10,000 geriatric and disabled elderly citizens for Indiana’s Division of Aging.