Employee & Occupational Health – Liberty Direct Care ®

Liberty Healthcare offers two types of on-site health programs for employers and insurers that can help maintain healthy and productive workforces while controlling health care costs. Both our primary care and occupational health programs are based upon years of experience working with some of the nation’s leading corporations. Our corporate leadership includes nationally elected officers of leading occupational health organizations. Our knowledge and experience are flexibly applied to meet your specific worksite and employee health needs.

Liberty’s experts will work with an interdisciplinary team to review and adjust current practices at the worksite to attain compliance with the Americans with Disability Act, regulatory surveillance and any state-mandated programs. Liberty will also work with an employer’s third-party administrator to achieve accurate workers’ compensation claims management for injured employees.

Liberty also provides comprehensive primary care-driven health care service programs that interact and coordinate with local specialists and hospitals to optimize the quality and cost-effectiveness of medical treatment. Liberty’s on-site primary care programs also feature health programs and services focused on improving employee health and well-being, and often the same services can be extended to family members and dependents.

Liberty’s disease management and wellness programs are designed to enlist employees as partners in their own health care to maintain wellness and prevent disease. Elements may include nutrition management, stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, and exercise and lifestyle modification. 

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