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Behavioral Health

Liberty Healthcare understands and supports current thinking in behavioral health and integrates key principles of recovery and person-centered approaches in all of its programs. Liberty has a distinguished history of designing and implementing cost-effective, customized behavioral health solutions that target the unique needs of each client, while making the most efficient use of available resources – whether in a hospital, residential, or community setting.

Liberty’s management team includes executives who are nationally recognized for their leadership in behavioral health. They have published articles recognized as best practice, presented to major conferences, and served in leadership positions in state or national organizations.

Liberty’s programs are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs while integrating national best practices with compassion and operational skill.  

Liberty specializes in forensic mental health services for adults and youth, including the operation of secure treatment facilities, restoration of competency programs in hospital and jail-based settings, and community management and reintegration of challenging populations, including assertive community treatment and re-entry programs. Many of these programs require highly specialized professionals and levels of resources that few organizations possess. Liberty is an industry leader known for its innovation and diligence in meeting any challenge.

You Don’t Have to Cut Service or Quality to Cut Costs℠

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