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By exceeding expectations in demanding situations such as management of inpatient psychiatric facilities, Liberty Healthcare effectively serves both our clients and their constituents. Our ability to improve service levels redefines what is possible in areas that are often viewed as problematic for our clients. Liberating them from having to develop their own hospital staffing solutions and other key responsibilities allows our customers to focus on their core priorities and thrive.

Liberty Healthcare operates in a uniquely diverse range of healthcare markets and fields, including behavioral health management, intellectual and developmental disabilities, forensic mental health, correctional settings, sex offender services, long-term care, employee and occupational health, co-occurring disorders and residential treatment, among others. Through our many professional publications, presentations, and university and organizational affiliations, Liberty’s team includes leaders in their fields. Our expertise in these areas of practice has enabled us to develop a blend of experience, talent, strategies, and systems that we apply both within and across the industries in which we work. The stability of our management team allows us to amass expertise in all of these diverse areas of healthcare services and bring creative solutions to our clients. This is what sets us apart and allows us to deliver the kinds of services, programs, and results that our clients need. 

In addition to the vast experience in optimizing operational efficiencies, we are among the leading behavioral health staffing firms with specific expertise in healthcare program management. Liberty is your solution for professional staff outsourcing in the field of behavioral health.